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of your Samsung device.

Samsung Kies Samsung Kies Samsung Kies Samsung Kies

With Samsung Kies you can download new applications to your phone, update those that already installed, and also download security patches for any Samsung mobile. Samsung Kies can also be used to transfer files between PC and mobile, sync your contacts from Google, Yahoo and Outlook, and create playlists so you can enjoy your music wherever you go. Enjoy the many benefits of Samsung Kies!

Totally free. Upgrade your mobile. Sync your files. Share photos and music. Easy to use. Safe software.

Always updated

Just connect your mobile to your computer to detect the latest updates available and the Samsung Kies will bring operating system and applications up to speed.

Music and photos

Samsung Kies allows you to manage multimedia content easily, including photos and videos you have captured with your phone, as well as your songs and playlists favorite.

Wireless connection

Samsung Kies is compatible with WiFi, which means you can connect your phone to your computer without wires. Simple and easy.